Negotiating a Separation or Severance Agreement

Can you use assistance in negotiating a separation or severance agreement in New Jersey or Pennsylvania?

We can definitely help in three respects.

  • First, with the time sensitive decision whether to waive your rights to bring legal action against your employer for anything that has happened up until your execution of the Settlement Agreement and accompanying General Release.
  • Second, is whether to try and engage in negotiations with your employer to increase the compensation or benefits offered in exchange for your general release.
  • And third, to review the language and terms and conditions of the proposed agreement in order to protect your interests in an even-handed manner with those of your employer.

  Typically, an employee is given 21 days to respond to a proposed SEPARATION OR SEVERANCE AGREEMENT. It’s important to timely consult with counsel, ideally within the first seven days. This affords your attorney time to initiate a counter-proposal and secure a response before the deadline on your employer’s offer expires.

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