Sexual Harassment

Did you experience sexual harassment at work in New Jersey or Pennsylvania?

If so, we may be able to help. For 20 years, the Law Office of Richard E. Yaskin has helped victims of sexual harassment recover damages and restore dignity by holding their employer or individual harasser(s) accountable.

Two typical examples of sexual harassment are:
a) quid pro quo, involving an attempted exchange of job benefits for a sexual relationship or favors;
b) hostile work environment where the harassment is severe or pervasive and working conditions become hostile and abusive to a reasonable person in the complainant’s circumstances, as well as subjectively to the complainant.

Just this year in Aguas v. State, 220 N.J. 494 (2015), the New Jersey Supreme Court adopted the federal case standard known as the Farragher-Ellerth affirmative defense. This affords a defense to employer liability for sexual harassment where the employee fails to complain under an effective anti-harassment policy with established reporting mechanisms and a history of responsive action. Harassed New Jersey employees are now obligated to report harassment and cooperate in the employer’s investigation, lest they lose the ability to hold their employer legally responsible for harassment damages.

This recent development calls for early counseling of victims of sexual harassment to help them effectively negotiate the internal complaint process established by their employer.

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