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Clients who have trusted their employment law cases with The Law Offices of Richard E. Yaskin are happy to share their experience with our firm. See what our clients have to say in their own words below.

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Carl C | December 2016

I hired Mr. Yakin to represent me in a wrongful termination case against my former employer after receiving terrible counsel from another attorney. Mr. Yakin, while evaluating my case discovered several key defense arguments which the other attorney failed in during which was used to strengthen my case. Not only is Mr. Yakin very knowledgeable and skilled in the area of law but he also cares for the best interest of his clients. I highly recommend attorney Mr. Yaskin for employment counsel.

D C | December 2016

I highly recommend the Law Firm Of Richard E. Yaskin. The firm specializes in Employment Law. Mr. Yaskin and his staff were extremely knowledgable, professional and courteous.

Besides being a highly respected expert in the area of Employment Law Mr. Yaskin was very patient with me and took the took the time to explain the step-by-step process that I would be going thru.

In addition to providing me with excellent legal services the firm gave me “peace of mind” during a very stressful period in my life.

A Google User | 2012

Once informed that my employer was not planning to offer me a new contract for the following year, I was at a loss to whom I could turn for legal advice.

Fortunately, one of the attorneys I had worked with before gave me Richard E. Yaskin, Esq.’s contact information. Upon hearing my situation, he agreed to assist me, and suggested a reasonable fee for his services. Richard was able to decipher many pages of contract documents and translate them into plain English for me to understand. Richard found several loopholes that were to my detriment and proposed the necessary changes. Richard phoned, emailed and we met several times to discuss specifics. His manner, knowledge, and dedication made this difficult time tolerable, and I was able to return to a sense of well-being. I am grateful for his excellent service.

A Google User | 2011

Richard Yaskin and his firm was such a tremendous help at a very difficult time.

His diligence, professionalism and honesty throughout the whole process made me feel confident and optimistic. He was very straightforward and detail-oriented.

With Mr. Yaskin by my side, I felt the sense of partnership every step of the way.

Thank you, Richard, for your much needed expertise and vision in a time of crisis for me and my family.

I would highly recommend Richard Yaskin and his firm to anyone who doesn’t take “NO” for an answer.

A Google User | 2011

Richard is a true professional. Richard took the time to do the required research which greatly supported the claims made and provided credibility to the entire process. Richard was also very personable. He answered questions in a manner which eliminated the legal jargon and provided advice that was realistic and honest. I highly recommend Richard and his firm to anyone that can utilize his services.